Thursday, 17 October 2013

Something Fishy Here

This ugly green box just appeared at the corner of my street and I am wondering if the Canadian Community Support Foundation has anything to do with Value Village. It's the same green used on their websites. Of course, I'll try the phone number tomorrow and see who answers. Value Village, operating under the name, Savers in the US and Western Canada, as well as Village des Valeurs in Quebec, is a profit-making business with little to do with real giving.

They get  hapless charities to do their soliciting for them and then open huge stores where the prices are inflated and only the slumming middle class, what's left of it, can afford to shop there. They have commercialized poverty but the poor are not included while they suck millions of dollars out of the economy for private gain. The pittance they "give" to two or three charities does not erase their greed.

It is a concern when something such as this intrudes on a neighbourhood. Only vague information is on their website and an article that was recently published in a small "news and lifestyle" magazine is full of egregious assertions.

For instance:

The general public knows very little about the dangers of textiles in landfills, and even less about the benefits textile recycling offers to local communities. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is public awareness of the positive community benefits of textile recycling as a charity fundraiser  ....   CCSF believes that if the general public knew the benefits of textile waste recycling, everyone would be begging for a bin. By permitting a bin on your property you are supporting your community as well as your favorite (sic) charity.

I think the Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul, and Neighbourhood Services would dispute these statements.

And who knew that discarded clothing in a landfill might become mouldy and spontaneously combust?

What happens to fabric after discard? Textiles in landfills are highly toxic and pollute both air and groundwater. Some are prone to mould that is flammable and could self ignite.

You can read more preposterous statements here:

I find it interesting that the word OREGANO is stencilled on the back wall. Whaaaaa? A foundation is using scrap wood to build their collection boxes?
The green bin has been in place for less than a
day and already, people have fallen for the ruse.