Saturday, 14 December 2013


My eyebrows were to be the foliage or decoration that framed my face. This never worked before and it probably won't work now. Therefore, I am going to need a selection of eye wear to obscure them when out in public. Or even at home so that I don't scare myself when I happen to pass a mirror.

My unerring sense of style and value lead me
directly to the Halston sun glasses above.  With winter in full swing in Ottawa, I don't really need sun glasses at present but was, coincidentally, looking for heavy black frames to go with a costume I need for tomorrow evening and these leaped into my hand.  They almost cover my brows, unlike the reading glasses with the rather interesting gold plastic frames that don't hide anything but they do permit me to read so are good for something after all.

Below, having never smoked a day in my life, part of tomorrow's costume is a cigarette and so I fashioned one today and have been practicing my look. Since several in my family smoke and I know many smokers, mostly smoking men, and I don't mean smoking good-looking, just that they leak fumes from their various orifices, there are role-models galore. I'd say I have it down pat.