Sunday, 9 March 2014

1914 - Last Chance

The deadline for sending a postcard to do with 1914 might be gone by the time mine makes it there but I thought I'd give it the old college try. There is no explanation about what 1914 means. Was this the year that Irishman, Bram Stoker, published Dracula? The stated theme is "Transylvanian Days" and again, no explanation. Perhaps everyone in Hungary knows what this means. Perhaps no one will understand my obfuscated explanation of why I am sending them a card with a representation of traffic lights. 
In the beginning, I started and realized that most postcards are horizontal so rearranged and redrew. I hit on the idea of using an inventor from the States who designed the first traffic light and very basic gas mask. He also pioneered in high straightening solution but I thought this might not, uh, wash.

Using a cap from a pill vial, I positioned the circles representing traffic signals and thought of being clever and using them as letters in the man's name but as George Morgan, this worked, however, his first name was                   Garrett so no joy here.

At this juncture, I was still thinking of running the inventor's name vertically and placing his accomplishments in the space between the circles. The gas mask or safety hood, which is what it was called in 1914, ended up looking like Maggie Muggins with the two air hoses on either side.

And then there was the matter of adding the epitaph from his grave, "By his deeds, he shall be remembered." I managed to write needs instead of deeds and misspelled remembered. Not very well centred, either.

Finally, it seemed to work with the man's name written above the circles and more explanatory words to describe his inventions on either side of the yellow circle. Thus, traffic signal became traffic lights, and, safety hood became gas mask with a more obvious graphic.

There is a fine blue border around the front and white paper glued to the back of the cardboard. The address will go on tomorrow as soon as the sealant on the front dries.

This may not arrive on time and it may not be suitable subject-wise but I think the Hungarians will be pleased to have someone participate from Canada.