Saturday, 8 March 2014

Something Perfect: Mail Art Projects

I stumbled across a site that asks for mail-in art. Seems to be around the whole world with a variety of people asking for postcard-sized art usually on a specific topic to be sent before a deadline. All art will apparently be displayed, sometimes at wonderful venues. 

Quite an amazing idea for artists from Canada to send art using the postal service, thereby pumping up the need for the service. Here are but a few ideas the first being about saving Canada Post. Tight deadline for the 1914 one but there's plenty of time for the others. 

It might be worth a gander at the blog that features Mail Art Projects. 


From one ten park: a working space.
Please post to 
110 Park Street West 
Windsor Ontario Canada 

Save Canada's Public Postal Service! 

last call : 1914

4 March 2014

Message in a Bottle - Spain

Mail Art Call 2014: A MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE.
Subject:  Message in a bottle. Free size and technique (you can decorate it). Send by airmail.
Deadline:  September 1st, 2014.
The bottle and the message will be published on this blog, making reference to the author. Offensive material will not be published. No returns. Documentation will be sent to participants. Please, indicate your name, address and email on each bottle.
Send to:
J. L. Hernández Galán ( igakusei ).
PO Box 6236.
Zip Code 41080.
Seville. Spain

How to make a message in a bottle:
1.- Find a bottle. It can be plastic or glass. If you’d like to make it look like a real message in a bottle, use a beer or wine bottle. Green is the most common colour for the bottles, but you can get creative and use any colour you’d like.
2.- Wash the bottle out. Fill the bottle with warm water. Squeeze in some dish soap, and cover the bottle with your hand. Proceed with shaking the bottle up and down until it is full of suds. Roll a piece of towel into a rod, and stick it in. Try to absorb as much water as possible. Once you’ve finished, stick it upside down in the strainer, so the excess can pour out overnight.
3.- Write your message. This is good to do while the bottle is drying.  Feel free to write what you want, I´ll be glad to read it. Please indicate your name, address and email on the message.
4.- Roll up your message. Roll it as tightly as possible, and put a piece of tape to keep it from unravelling. Drop it in your bottle once it’s dry, and make sure it fits completely in the bottle. Write your name and country on the outside of the bottle in permanent marker such as: “ANA PARKER – SPAIN”. Make sure it’s big enough for someone to read.
5.- Put the bottle in a box. This will prevent breakage or use your imagination with other methods.
6- Drop it in the postal office.
7.- Wait. This is the hardest part. Many people will expect a letter on their first day; don’t do this. It could take a few months to receive a reply. The bottle and the message will be published on this blog, making reference to the author.

Post Mail Art project - USA

Post Mail Art Projekt is a mail art project sponsored by the Post Memorial Art Reference Library in Joplin, MO. The goal of this project is to encourage people to correspond creatively via so-called snail mail and to exhibit those correspondences through January 2015. We haven't a theme and we ask that all submissions be postmarked by December 1, 2014 and addressed to 

Post Mail Art Projekt, 
300 S Main St, Joplin, 
MO, 64801, 

(Kindly note: no returns.)