Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A Day for Celebration

This couch no longer resides in the back of my van where it has been lo this past month. A young woman took a long-shot and asked if I would donate the couch to a non-profit child care centre in Ottawa's west end. At first I thought, that's some gall, since I was asking $75 for the piece of furniture but then I realized, the couch, in all its aqua glory, wasn't moving off the lot and I was compromising the use of my vehicle. It's a seven passenger van and only two people could fit in. So I agreed. I am happy with this decision as the young woman and her father arrived in their van, sans seats, and off they went. They were ever so grateful which goes a long way in my book. I think also, this incident reminds me of the time I made a similar pact with the owner of a blue VW Beetle, a blue not unlike that of the couch, more Baby Blue, but blue. I, too, asked a question, "Would you accept $_____ for your Bug," not free, mind you, but almost, and he said, "Yes." 

And with the departure of the couch, this meant that the IBM Selectric that was sitting on that couch, was now in line to come upstairs. This is a Series II or III and is different from the other in that it has a cartridge that features a corrector tape. This particular machine was bought at a grocery store parking lot from the trunk of a car and it has sat for the past several weeks on the couch in my van. I will plug it in tomorrow and see if it works. It needs to warm up. We had a snow squall last evening and are expecting another tonight. So much for Spring in Canada.

And finally, the cube unit that has languished this past month has been stabilized and is in place. The appearance is markedly different. It does not look as if the entire 5' by 5' structure is about to slide into oblivion. Thank-you, thank-you, to the women who helped. It was Rosie the Riveter all the way.

This is not how the unit is going to be used; just a method to get things out of the way temporarily. I'd like to put a row of Quirky B's along the top and since the shelves are 15", I can put some things facing the living room and then other things facing the office area. So that I have something interesting to look at while I am working.