Wednesday, 12 March 2014

So Begins the Art in the Park Hustle

Was it really five years ago that I did it all. Meaning, I scraped together entry fees and packaged art the day before for early morning delivery to some park, somewhere? Coffee on my breath, crack of dawn stuff. I did pretty well every show over that summer, locking in every weekend, costing me several thousand dollars with no return on my investment, that I can see.

I am appalled at how entry fees and the hoops one has to jump through have increased. Someone is making off like a bandit for doing a bit of organizing and now, it looks like, picking up a bit of rubble left over from the participants. I've been to scores of these events and most participants are respectful. What I see is organizers cashing in and sucking more money out of artists.

I wonder why no one's questioning that the organizers stand to make upwards of $1,800 more just for picking up a bit of paper in the park. Pay me $900 a day and I'll come and strike all the artist's tents, carry their stuff to their cars and sweep the park clean. They are already making $33,000 in artist fees. There seems to be something fishy when a non-profit, noncommercial event brings in over one weekend, as much money as many people make in a year. Of course, there are expenses but so too, do people working 12 months of the year incur expenses.

This just seems wrong.

fees & space dimensions
             * We have had to hire extra help to clean up garbage (packing materials, broken lawn chairs,      
                discarded canvasses, etc.) left in the park by participants at the end of the festival.
             *  A $10 park clean-up fee has been added to space fees to cover this cost

             * Cheques must be made out for amount listed in the fee column
             * Fee is for both days. There are no one day spaces available.