Friday, 13 June 2014

Four Cases Ready to Go

While two were drying on the table, two dried outside once the sun came out. Over supper, the two on the table got propped in the bath tub and they dried for several hours there. In fact, they are pretty much dry now

The older case to the right looks fairly pink in the photo but it is multi-coloured. Something needs to be applied over top to protect and minuscule beads from falling off. Some are on for good but just to be sure, I would like an overlay of fixative, something waterproof. I have some stuff used for puzzles but it tends to melt if it has to contend with water. Something spray-on might be best in this case.

The Less Paul with a coat of acrylic is ready to rock
now. The hard, clear coat really brings out the
paisley shapes and colours. There is no pink
on this case.

The Comic Case has two things new about it. 
One is that after spending a day in the sun, it has a
yellow-orange cast to it which plays up the comics nicely, and two, it has another coat of the two-part acrylic. It was still tacky after weeks so I upped the hardener component and it is fine now.